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Portuguese is a widely spoken language. With 193 million speakers in total, Portuguese ranks place 9 among the world languages. The largest part of Portuguese native speakers lives in Brasil (97 percent) and Portugal (99 percent). The list of countries where Portuguese is used as the official or as a second language is long. Just to give a few examples, it is the exlusive official language in Angola, Mozambique and Sao Tome & Principe, second language in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. In Macau e.g., Portuguese shares its status as official language together with „Chinese“. A similar example is the republic East Timor in Southeast Asia where the two official languages are Tetum and Portuguese.
The Portuguese dialects can be divided into two main groups: the dialect of „the Old World“ and the dialect of Brazil. The Asian and African dialect is similar to those of Portugal. However, as far as certain aspects of pronounciation are concerned, the Portuguese spoken in Asia or Africa is closer to the „Brasilian“ type of Portuguese.
Several creole languages in Asia, Africa and the Americas derive from Portuguese, but are not to be refered to as Portuguese dialects. They are independent languages.


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