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Parlez-vous français? Do you speak French?

Whether travelling through France, making a short trip to Paris, spending your holidays in the Pyrenees or doing a pilgrimage to Lourdes – to know a few words in French can be really helpful and even make fun. Let's not get stuck on the old cliché that French people avoid speaking English or that they are not talented with learning a foreign language. Like in other countries as well, English is taught at Frenchs school and quite a big part of the French population is certainly capable to hold a conversation in English. So let's put the focus on French as a foreign language. French is said to be a difficult language to learn. For many learners, the pronounciation seems to be complicated. Also the grammar can be quite complex and some of its aspects even new if you have never heard of the subjunctive e.g. But once you have reached a certain level in French language, it becomes easier and easier to widen your knowledge and to perfect your spoken and written skills. It is always very helpul to spend a longer period of time among French native speakers, not only to get the sound of the language and widen the vocabulary, but also to learn a bit about the French culture and mentality. For, to a certain extend, culture, mentality and language belong together and influence each other. Thus, getting an idea of France today can facilitate the process of learning French. By the way, this may count for other languages and countries as well.

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